White Kitchen Design Ideas 2020

White color weighted kitchen decoration is an application encountered today. The fact that white is a color that will never go out of fashion is one of the reasons for being preferred. Also white color preferred in decoration; It creates bright surfaces and makes the space more spacious. It makes the environment brighter here. Using lots of white color in interior design will make it look wider if you have a small kitchen. In addition to all these, white color does not force you in making decoration choices. Because it is compatible with every color and application is available in every style. If you want to use white color in your kitchen according to your own style, you can continue reading our article. Here are examples of white kitchens in different styles that we have compiled for you.

1.Minimalist White Kitchen

Minimal style white kitchens are recommended especially for small kitchens in that they are not eye-straining. In addition to white-weighted decoration, dual color uses such as white-black, white-gray are also seen. Floor type can be wood or solid colored tiles. Our main suggestions for you to create a minimal white kitchen may be that you prefer white cabinet doors and marble surfaces. You can reinforce this simple look by using hidden spotlights, industrial chairs.


2.Retro White Kitchen

When you think of a retro style kitchenette, the first thing that comes to your mind should be round kitchen utensils, two colored tiles and cushioned stools. Although vivid colors are often encountered in the applications of this style, you can combine the retro with white color and adapt it to the present. Preferring large surfaces such as cabinet doors and countertops in white will help you achieve the white color weight. In order to obtain this style with open shelves displaying colorful and patterned porcelains, we recommend using the white goods preferences in favor of vibrant colors.


3.Natural White Kitchen

The key to getting a white, natural kitchen is the combination of white color and wood. It is possible to warm the place by choosing wooden materials on different surfaces. We recommend that the white tones you will place in weight in your kitchen are warm white tones that approach the cream color. In addition, it is recommended to have plenty of plants in the environment to create natural style interiors. Colorful rugs and wicker and bamboo lighting can help you to achieve naturalness in your white kitchen.


4.Luxury White Kitchen

It would be quite appropriate to use white and bright details together to obtain a sophisticated kitchen. Shiny surfaces in gold or silver tones can help create fairly flamboyant kitchens. When combined with plenty of lighting in the decoration and the use of white color, an eye-catching kitchen can occur. Our suggestion to you will be to include magnificent chandeliers among these lighting. Also, if your kitchen is large enough, we recommend that you include a white island countertop unit in your kitchen.


5.Modern White Kitchen

This style can be compared to a minimal style with some features. However, it creates its own line by using more objects and containing various colors. If you are in favor of modernity, you can add various color touches to the white color that is predominant in your kitchen. We recommend this style to families with children who want to turn their kitchen into a more fun place. You can add different colored surfaces to white surfaces, or you can use all surfaces white and choose accessories and items in vibrant colors. Our suggestions for you to catch this style will be to choose colorful, patterned wallpapers and carpets or colorful kitchen appliances.


6.Country Style White Kitchen

Country (farmhouse) style kitchens are the places where we see the white density applications most frequently. Carved, detailed white kitchen cabinets and white countertops are outstanding signs of this style. If you catch the white color weight by choosing these surfaces in white color, you can improve your style with small details. Handles of kitchen cabinets, pastel-colored textiles with leaf and flower patterns, numerous drawers and shelves will help you create this style. In addition, it is seen that some objects are exhibited on the counter in this style. We suggest you place a cake stand or fruit plate on your counter.


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