Living Room Ideas 2020

Are you wondering which decoration trends we will encounter in these days when we have entered not only a new year but also a new decade? Here are the top 2020 home decoration trends we have selected and compiled by design experts for you :

If you are planning to renovate the decoration of your home, this period, when we entered the 2020s, will be the ideal time. This year, where warm earth colors will dominate, we will see a mixture of traditional and modern in decoration. We will escape the chaos of city life and find peace in the simplicity of our home. We will contribute to our environment and health with natural materials. In short, a year is waiting for us, where the concept of ‘disposable’ will change and the value of ‘handmade’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ items will increase and we will be more sensitive and free in design.

Are you ready to make a new start in your life by renewing your decoration in 2020? Here are the 2020 home decoration trends that will refresh our lives with our homes .

1. Simple and Relaxing Houses


Despite the design chaos in 2019, 2020 will be the year of simplicity. For this new style, which we define as ‘alive but refined’, we can say that it is a calm, retroactive and warm version of minimalism. So this year we adopt a more harmonious and calm perspective in decoration. We will cleanse from the crowd and artifacts and turn to simplicity. For example, if we have a lot of decorative accessories, we should arrange them according to the seasons and reduce them.


As people gradually return to nature and themselves, there will be a return to nature and simplicity in interior design. The simple and relaxing effect of the Scandinavian style in decoration will continue with organic forms and natural tones. Sustainability will come to the fore: Natural wood, recycled textile products, undyed yarns, plush soft fabrics and plenty of ceramic and earthen accessories will be used in the houses.


2. The Combination of Modern and Traditional


As you enter a new decade, you will see a return to the classics. The interior designs, free from the rigidity of modern decoration, will take place in the old and new together. None of us are perfect, why should our homes be perfect! People can freely express their personality through spaces that are not ‘perfect’ where traditional and modern blend. Natural objects with imperfect forms such as organic materials such as metal or wood and handmade colored glasses will come to the fore. Traditional details, stories and objects of life will add warmth to our souls in modern spaces.


Thus, different decoration styles will be mixed together; bohemian and modern, vintage and contemporary. For example, bohemian spaces will become more refined with modern pieces, while vintage objects will add warmth to minimalist spaces. In short, modern and traditional will not be two different poles, balancing each other.


3. Neutral Colors and Warm Earth Tones


After the last few years of cool colors, we will see a transition from nature to warm and neutral colors. Neutral colors, which are often used in the background, will come to the fore this year. Chocolate color, wine color, olive green and okre yellow tones will add warmth to the spaces. Soil tones such as rich forest greens, pale brown and clay colors will create a natural and meditative atmosphere in the houses to calm down and relax after a long day. We’ll see these warm natural colors everywhere, from sofa sets and walls to accessories.



4. Geometric Patterns


Despite everything, we have good news for those who cannot give up modern designs: Geometric patterns, which have not been outdated for years, are still in fashion this year! We will come across abundant geometric lines and patterns indoors. The only problem with the fact that geometric patterns are so popular is that they are used in many places in decoration: wallpaper, furniture, bed linens, paintings, floor coverings, lighting and other decorative accessories … But 2020 will bring balance to the use of geometric patterns. In addition, furniture designs are predicted to be inspired by modular and functional designs between the 1930s and 1960s.


5. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Materials


The effects of climate change started to manifest themselves especially with natural disasters experienced in the last few years. This has led people to become conscious and prefer environmentally friendly products. Thus, ecological and sustainable options in the market started to increase rapidly. In short, sustainability in design has become an imperative beyond being a fashion! Many consumers have started using natural and sustainable materials to have a stylish home. Moreover, people realized that they could catch elegance with natural materials.


This year, the temperature of the wood recycled, the unique elegance of stone and marble, and the fresh and purifying effect of green will dominate. A 2020 is waiting for us, in which we will return what we have taken from nature to decoration and use natural materials for both our health and the environment.


6. Lush Plants & Botanical Patterns



Our collective longing for returning to nature is also reflected in home decoration in 2020. We will move the nature, which we can not escape by leaving the work force, into our homes with lush plants. Botanical prints and lush plants; By pairing it with wood, wicker and stone materials, we will create a special flora for ourselves. Live plants will add a green and fresh air to the neutral color palette of 2020. You can also choose lush and easy-care plants such as love ladder, saloon vine, diphenbahya to add a rich green to your home. If you say not enough, you can add wallpapers with leaf motifs, bedding sets, paintings and even plain green walls to your home.


7. Flower Pattern Wallpapers



Floral pattern wallpapers are returning to interiors with a new modernized identity. In fact, the long-existing floral patterns will be slightly different from the pink floral wallpaper and furniture we see at our grandmothers’ home. We will encounter versions of floral pattern wallpapers in different sizes and colors. For example, vibrant colors such as yellow or abstracted floral motifs will add elegance to our walls. Large-scale, bold colors and even metallic versions will emerge. Floral pattern wallpapers can be a great option in your home especially for bathrooms and doorways.


8. Black and White Designs



If you don’t like multi-colored designs, if you say black and white is enough for you, this is your year! This dynamic duo, which rejoins us after a long time, adds a bold and timeless charm to the spaces. There are millions of ways to incorporate this yin yang trend into home decoration . You can get lost between a large number of fabrics and patterns that come from the combination of black and white, such as black sofa and white pillows, chevron pattern, black and white marble tiles. In 2020, the endless options offered by the black and white trend for home decoration are waiting for you.


9. Metal Mixing



Silver, gold, brass, copper and so on… Metals will be everywhere in 2020! For example, panels behind metal countertops will be used in kitchens. In particular, the trend of using different metals together in decoration will become quite popular. You can match compatible metals such as silver and brass, bronze and gold in your home. But be careful not to mix more than three metals in one area, or it can be too complex and dominant for a room. Balance is also very important here.


10. The Return of Black



Black is back, and more ambitious than ever! White domination, which has been going on in the decoration world for a long time, ends this year. In the interior design, it is envisaged that everything will turn black, from cabinets to sinks, furniture and even wall paint. Black walls, floor coverings and furniture can make your home look high-end and stylish. One of the reasons for Black’s notoriety was his assumption that his rooms were smaller and darker than they were. However, as we mentioned above, you can avoid this problem by using the black and white duo together. Or you can use another light color instead of white. We look forward to brave and dull blacks in 2020!


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