Interior Color Trends 2020

The starting point of 2020 home decoration trends; tranquility and therapy. Everyone who gets out of the exhausting pace of daily life and throws himself home, is looking for a peaceful and healing place. The “therapy venues” that answer this quest form the basis of 2020 home decoration trends. Everything you want to know about 2020 decoration trends, from color selection to furniture, from favorite decoration styles to accessories, in this article!

Hotel Concept Living Houses

Interior design designs with hotel concept stand out among the 2020 decoration proposals . With color palettes and accessory choices reminiscent of a relaxing hotel room, you can design a bedroom suitable for this concept to overcome the tiredness of the day. For this, you can turn to a bed design enriched with wall boards instead of fabric or wooden headboards, especially in the bedroom. Just like hotel rooms, you can add color, art and tranquility to the space designed according to a calm color palette thanks to the wall boards located behind a plain bed.

Trend Alert in 2020 Home Decoration: Maximalist and Eclectic Spaces

Minimalist spaces, which have become popular in recent years, are replaced by maximalist designs in 2020. Eclectic decorations created by using different styles together are also an important part of this trend. Also, another concept that is important when determining 2020 decoration trends is social life. For this, you can place more seats in the living area, such as armchairs and sofas.

Material and Color Choices Compatible with 2020 Decoration Trends

International color authority Pantone has announced the color of this year as “classic blue”. 2020 home decoration trends also got their share from this statement. It is not surprising that the blue tones known as the color of peace are chosen as the color of the year in this year, where a relaxing decoration style will prevail. However, it is important to remember that another relaxing color that is fashionable in 2020 decorations is gray. In addition, sage green trend that started in 2019 will continue to be among the decoration colors of 2020 . While the matte black fashion continues in the kitchen, marble is used instead of wooden TV units, which have become indispensable in living room and living room decorations.TV unitand showcase designs will make a name in 2020. If you wish to buy a modern, marble TV unit, you can sell its wooden furniture as a second hand at Keendecor; You can say “hello” to the decoration trends of the new year with contemporary designs.

Accessories for 2020 Home Decoration Trends

The rose gold trend, which has become popular in the recent years in accessories, loses its effect in 2020. Instead, brass and chrome metal accessories are beginning to take their place in innovative interior designs. In home textile products, besides geometric and floral patterns, crow’s feet pattern is among the popular alternatives. This year, the curtains crawling on the ground are very fashionable! If you want, you can make a simple decoration by choosing a curtain color suitable for decoration; Or you can blow up 2020 home decoration with vibrant colors and floral patterns that you will use on the screen!

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