How To Decorate a Living Room

When we think about the times we spend in our house, we realize that we spend these moments mostly in the living room. We are mostly in this area while eating, reading books, enjoying television or movie nights and hosting our guests. The decoration of the living room is becoming more important than the other areas of the other house because it is the area where we spend the most time and the room we host our guests. In order for this room not to consist of four walls and to make the time spent in it enjoyable, it is necessary to be meticulous about living room decoration.

How To Decorate a Living Room

There are no rules that should never be broken in terms of living room decoration . So when decorating this room, you are as free as your creativity. In order to feel good in this area and to be proud of your living spaces while hosting your guests, you need to choose items that suit our tastes. Of course, the fact that everything suits your tastes does not mean that a perfect decoration will be realized. Moreover, if the square meter of the room is small, everything will become a little more difficult. However, learning tips about living room decoration in small houses can make your job a little easier.

10 Tips for Small Living Room Decoration

1) Prefer light colors.
The biggest problem of small areas is that it is dark. When it comes to living room decoration , it is necessary to use lighter colors to prevent the already small area from looking smaller and darker. Seat selection, curtains, carpets, sometimes even TV unit should be preferred in light color. When this happens, the environment can be made to look brighter. Even using white only on the flooring will make the environment look more spacious. If you want to add a color to the decoration made in white, you can benefit from the perfect harmony of black and white. A harmonious environment can be created with details such as white armchairs, black tables and chairs, white curtains, black wall frames.

2) Avoid large seating groups.
Large seating groups will never be the right choice for small living rooms. Corner sets can be preferred for living room, especially in order to use the available space more efficiently. With the L sofa sets , you can create a comfortable and stylish environment in the living room. If this seat also has the feature of being a bed, it will make your job easier when you have guests. When you buy a light-colored corner set, you can complement the other corner of the set with an energetic color suit such as fuchsia or yellow. In this way, you can both make the area look wider with colors and create a very fun area.

How To Decorate a Living Room

3) Create a style.
The only element that is important for living room decoration is not to choose suitable items for the area. It is necessary to take care that this environment has a style. So what you need to determine first is the living room style. What style would you like to have? Is it Scandinavian-inspired, energetic, bohemian or retro? Once you are clear about this, you can start choosing items and accessories that you will use in this room. You can alsoget an ideafor the furniture you can use on our website, sofa sets, dining room and other topics. It is possible to create a very impressive design by combining different styles. However, we cannot go without saying that it will require a little more labor.

4) Use the light well.
If your windows are small, your already small living room will look even smaller as it doesn’t get enough light. It is necessary to use the light well in order not to create such a perception. When shopping for illuminating accessories for living room decoration, you should choose elements that will not take up much space but have good lighting power. In addition to chandeliers, floor lamps and lighting fixtures that can be mounted on the wall can be a good idea. In addition, you can try different applications to make the environment brighter.

5) Include mirrors on the wall.
Mirrors are almost like a savior for small rooms thanks to their reflective properties. Mirrors can also be used for small living room design. When you place a large mirror in both opposing walls, those who come in will have the idea that the room is larger. Using mirrors would be the best decision, especially if you want to avoid the criticism of your guests ‘home is beautiful, but too small’ .

How To Decorate a Living Room

6) Mount the TV on the wall.
If you want to leave more free space for yourself in the small square meter living room, you can try to mount it on the wall instead of using the TV unit or stand. Thus, a good area will remain idle. Of course, while doing this, you should also take care to use the necessary accessories to prevent the cables from being visible. Being one of the best solutions to save space, this process will allow you to create an area where you can move freely.

7) Open stylish wall grooves.
The walls can also be functional areas for small houses. Opening wall cutouts instead of using cabinets will save a lot of space. By designing shelves for the areas you have opened, you can position your accessories and books here. Especially the idea of ​​creating bookshelves in wall games is not bad. Instead of trying to fit a huge library in a tiny space, it would be perfect to use a few wall cavities. Of course, creating a library for living room decoration is also quite enjoyable if you have enough space .

8) Color the walls.
Another factor to consider when decorating a living room in small houses is the liveliness of the walls. We suggested using a mirror on your walls that you paint in white to make the environment wider. However, including the paintings will allow the walls to come to life. Colorful paintings both give a modern atmosphere and increase the energy of the house. This eliminates the feeling of overlapping the walls.

9) Use less carpet.
One of the most common mistakes for small living room decoration is to cover everywhere with carpet. Covering every area with carpet, especially under the table or cupboards, makes the movement area appear smaller. If there is no damage or damage to floor coverings, you should use small runner-like rugs that will allow them to appear. In this way, your guests will enjoy spending time in this room by feeling that their movement areas are wider.

10) Choose curtains that absorb daylight.
Thick curtains cause the outside light to be cut to a great extent. This means that the room will be more dark. It is important to choose curtains that are fine enough to absorb daylight in the best way. In order to make more use of daylight in the living room, it is necessary to stay away from thick and dark colored curtains, although they are very stylish.

You can share your suggestions about the design of small living rooms with us in the comments section, and if you have followed our suggestions, you can transfer your experiences.

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